Sunday, January 22, 2012

steam punk paipo

I said to my self , self you need to post at least once aweek what the point of haveing a blog if you don't post on it. so here we go.

here is my steam punk paipo and mat just for fun

also a sad day for a 100 year old tree. I have looked at this tree across my back wall for 50 years.The lot was sold to a knucle headed contractor. It would not be in his way of the new house. but he said it was ulgy. So I said you better go hide if they are takeing out ulgy thing because you will be next!!! Like I say stupid people do stupid things   MRMIKE


  1. MrMike, We seem to have lost respect for our elders. I see the same thing up here all the time. Sad. Regards Bruce

  2. What did that tree ever do to him? I don't like that he cut down the tree. It was there first, holding down the place for at least half a decade. I, too, believe there is a point in time when you have to respect nature first and humans second.