Saturday, August 27, 2011

ebay board

here is a board I picked up for $20 on ebay they said it was from the 50s

maybe some one can tell me more about it thanks MRMIKE

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


thanks for all the comments. I will try to answer them in this one post
as far as painting on mats go I only paint on the canves side the paint get down into the fabric and does not rub off. The paint I ues is a airbrush paint call createx it is a non toxic water base acrylic here are some more pic's after about 50 times in the water.
      I also make bikes from time to time just some fun stuff to keep me busy along with the boards. I sold the bike and the board last week.
      As far as mats go I just started ridding them about a year and a half ago. I rode some when I was 10  ( along time ago) but the cost high to buy one about $15 so we would rent one for $.50 an hour then I started makeing plywood boards and forgot about them until I saw it on utube then I just had to have one now I am hooked again, now I got 4 the first one is one of paul older mats I got it in trade for one of my boards nice and stable I think it is a stander the 2nd mat is a round tail tracker I like this mat the best super fast great for the waves I have at my beach the 3rd mat is a vespa it is for smaller musher days gets into all waves  faster the 4th mat is a krypt mt5 have not yet figered it out yet but all I know is it is short and fast. the fins I use are both made by DaFin the green ones are kicks  hard to find I got mine used I use them most of the time the red one I use only on bigger days

      I hope this answer some of your ? I like your new UK matter blog   MRMIKE