Monday, June 4, 2012

in & out paipos

here ar two new boards I just finished I call them my in & out boards. you can ride them big end forward or small end forward. both ends have about 1/2 " x 2" rocker and are 14" big end 7" small end and 47" long. the big end forward is good on bigger mushey waves and the small end forward is good for snapper waves


  1. Good stuff Mr. Mike The sunflowers are doing good too!

  2. Hey Mr. Mike, do you have any cubit planes? I'm interested in one. Thx, Mark

  3. no cubit on hand but I could make one

  4. Hey Mr. Mike,
    I was thinking along the lines of a cubit 24" x 16", tombstone shaped with a slight diamond tail. Like the one from a previous blogger (global ernie):

    Thanks! Mark