Sunday, May 13, 2012

new boards

It has been some time, My brother said post something damm it!!! so here goes first I have sold 2 paipos , 2 handboards and 2 slingshots.also went to a great car show here in coronado,made another handboard, 2 paipos, 2 slingshots and some more necklesses trying to do more then tikis. and made a new work bench the other one was 50 year old in with the new out with the old. so here are the pic's   MRMIKE

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  1. Great stuff and greetings from NZ
    I am making English style bellyboards (4ft x1 ft etc.) from marine ply although am keen to try other timbers as well.
    What is your view on whether bellyboards should have nose kick??
    Opinion seems to be divided.